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Publish & Be Damned

After weeks and weeks of design time, proofreading and double-checking we're finally at the point of being able to send the book of the blog off to print. Toni has written his foreword, I've re-written my intro and the last step is for Mark to cast his eagle eye over all the photography and it's [...]

Friday 23 September 2016 15:10 BST|

Et TUE Toni?

First it was PED’s. Now it’s TUE’s. Need a quick catch up lesson? Here goes: Following the scandal around Russia’s ‘state sponsored’ Performance Enhancing Drugs programme and the subsequent suspension of multiple athletes from the Rio Olympics a group of Russian hackers, creepily named ‘Fancy Bear’, have released details of numerous non-Russian athletes TUE use. [...]

Saturday 17 September 2016 13:29 BST|

Coaching 101: Back to School

I’ll level with you. I dislike this time of year. I know lots of people who relish the onset of Autumn with the prospect of bronzed leaves, tucking into Sunday roasts and pulling on new boots. All I can think about is the loss of bronzed skin, no more Saturday barbeques and saying goodbye to [...]

Saturday 10 September 2016 09:53 BST|

Coaching Creativity

Wet and Windy Toni’s been getting back on it this week. In the UK the Olympics and other summer sports are rapidly sliding off the sports pages as football (soccer for you U.S. readers) resumes its usual domination. Toni and I are happy to be swept along. We’re discussing coaches in football, more specifically the [...]

Saturday 03 September 2016 19:39 BST|

Yawn, Stretch, Begin Again

Toni and I met up this week for the first time since Rio. Although generally in good spirits there’s no doubt that the last few months has taken its toll on him (it took a chunk out of me and I was only watching and writing). Despite enjoying the multiple media engagements he’s undertaken in [...]

Friday 26 August 2016 14:30 BST|


It’s done. After a breathtaking 800 metres Jess secured second place on the podium but ceded her Olympic title to the 21 year old Nafi Thiam who performed spectacularly throughout the event, achieving Personal Best after Personal Best. Like many people back in the UK I spent last night, gazing bleary-eyed at a screen, urging [...]

Sunday 14 August 2016 17:25 BST|

It’s Getting Hot in Here

Time to Go The day starts with a minor adventure. After a relatively leisurely breakfast everyone tumbles out of the hotel and into the minibus. It’s Toni’s turn to drive. At least it would be if he could get us out of the hotel car park. Anyone sensitive to rich language should avoid the following [...]

Sunday 31 July 2016 13:34 BST|

It’s A Team Thing

Walking into the hotel I have a split second hesitation. Is this the right hotel? Could there be another hotel with the same name in the area? I needn’t have worried. The sight of Toni, evidently making a point by gesticulating in every direction, is unmistakable. Things have obviously settled into the norm and quickly. [...]

Saturday 30 July 2016 16:40 BST|

That’s Sport For You…

The build up to Saturday’s event was similar to Friday but without the Bolt effect. Jess’ performance in the hurdles heat, albeit overshadowed by the remarkable world record run in the final by Kendra Harrison, still got the media talking. Toni was in demand before the long jump, being interviewed by Gabby Logan and Michael [...]

Sunday 24 July 2016 11:47 BST|

Hitting Hurdles and Breaking Records

It was a relatively leisurely start for Toni yesterday with no daughter to wake him and no training session to attend. Given that I had to catch the 0511 from Manchester, even though he’s carrying the hopes of nation on his shoulders, I took little pleasure from learning how refreshed he felt. More importantly he’s [...]

Saturday 23 July 2016 12:45 BST|
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