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Just Another Manic Monday

First a catch up from yesterday. The sun had returned to Sheffield which seemed the perfect excuse to put the team through their paces on the outdoor running track. As you’ll see from the film the enthusiasm is overwhelming: Sunshine aside there’s no doubt about it, training like this hurts. Not in the [...]

Monday 04 July 2016 18:15 BST|

This Coach Takes No Prisoners. Part Two

A couple of days ago Toni shared some of his views on the problem with sports’ coaching in Great Britain. As promised there is more to share. We pick up with the English Football teams’ recent loss to footballing minnows Iceland, "...if the fear of failure gets bigger than the desire to succeed then you’ve [...]

Sunday 03 July 2016 17:55 BST|

Pleased to Meet You Mr. Bond

Tidy office, Tidy Mind The mania of yesterday provided the straw to temporarily break the camel’s back. Several of the team are competing but Toni is rehabbing Toni today. It’s a sleepy response I get when Toni picks up the phone, “I’m in re-charge mode. It’s going to be a day of reading, feet up, planning [...]

Saturday 02 July 2016 18:23 BST|

Roll Up, Roll Up, The Circus is in Town

Spinning plates is one thing but have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you’re the one on a spinning plate whilst trying to spin those other plates at the same time? For different reasons it seems that Toni and my stars have met today. We’re both having what is probably [...]

Friday 01 July 2016 18:05 BST|

This Coach Takes No Prisoners. Part One.

In the aftermath of Roy Hodgson’s ignominious resignation from the Head Coach role for the England Football team, the British fascination with post-mortem has scaled new heights. As one of the wealthiest football nations on the planet England have, once again, failed to achieve anything of note at a major tournament - apart from defeat [...]

Thursday 30 June 2016 18:36 BST|

Home Sweet Home

Toni is back. Jess is back. In fact pretty much everyone is back. Back home, back in Sheffield. Time for a quick catch up and re-cap. When we talk Toni is deciding which meal to buy in the cafeteria but he’s distracted by a pounding headache. I offer my ill informed but enthusiastic advice, “Avoid [...]

Wednesday 29 June 2016 17:12 BST|

Meet The Team: Seun Okome

Today is a travelling day for Toni, Jess and the Ratingen team. They're also picking up their Team GB kit for Rio when they land in Birmingham but we'll pick up on that another day. For now, it's time to meet another one of the team. Seun Okome is, according to Jess, the gentleman of [...]

Monday 27 June 2016 19:07 BST|

Ratingen Day Two

The All New PPPBPB (Post Pregnancy Personal Best Personal Best) First up huge congratulations to Anthony Joshua for his rock solid defence of the World Heavyweight IBF Boxing belt last night in London. I was fortunate enough to be there and he put in a commanding performance. It’s been a good weekend for Sheffield based athletes. [...]

Sunday 26 June 2016 18:35 BST|

The Result Is In. Now, How Are You Going To Get Better?

The Brexit Effect. The Union Jack has been taken down at Ratingen today. Tomorrow it's time for Jess  to compete. Today it's a day to seek out calm in Europe for Toni, her and the team. I suspect they are not alone in that.  Therefore it seems the ideal time to reflect on how we [...]

Friday 24 June 2016 18:00 BST|

Wisdot and Wisdom

Toni is on the way to the bank when I call him. He’s in good spirits, which I put down to working with the team rather than his visit to Gringotts. As with the previous day the training has evidently been relaxed, “It’s very short corners and free kicks now. Short sessions with plenty of [...]

Wednesday 22 June 2016 17:44 BST|
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