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Caffeine? Yes.

Toni is going for a record of his own today. He’s seeing how many English Institute of Sport Coffee Shop ‘buy eight, get one free’ cards he can get through in one day. In case you’re wondering I’m referring to coffee. I never manage to establish the answer as my attempts to question him are [...]

Tuesday 07 June 2016 17:49 BST|

Less Words, More ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’

I’m not a great typist. Which is probably a fairly useful skill for a blogger. Rest assured, I’m working on it. But I’ve decided to take Toni’s advice that training without rest brings little or no benefit at all (well, he said something like that). I’m not sure he’s convinced of my argument but my [...]

Monday 06 June 2016 17:31 BST|

And on the 7th day…Toni worked

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know that Sunday is not exactly a rest day for Toni and the team. Today is no exception. An early start at the outdoor track with Jess and Louise at Woodbourn Road (to get some track time prior to a local athletics meeting taking place) [...]

Sunday 05 June 2016 17:56 BST|

It Ain’t Bragging if You Can Back It Up

“Muhammed Ali has died. His spirit and people’s fascination with him will endure. Unfortunately what he did as a role model has died too”. Toni is reflecting on the impact of Ali, on the world and on his own life growing up, “I can first remember Ali when I was a young kid watching him [...]

Saturday 04 June 2016 19:23 BST|

Looong Hurdles

Toni is obviously in the mood to inflict some pain today. You’ll see this from his slowly panning camera shot across the running track. The hurdles stretch out in a barren, slightly blurred (he’s still getting the hang of it) landscape. It’s Mad Max meets Mad Toni. If you read yesterday’s post about [...]

Friday 03 June 2016 19:24 BST|

The Art of Boredom

Toni and I are reflecting on the first few weeks of the blog. Toni is concerned that he’s revisiting the same topics, “I don’t want it to be boring. There’s a lot of the same thing”. I find this mildly amusing. I have been around Toni and the training group for over a year now [...]

Thursday 02 June 2016 19:26 BST|

Team Toni & The Avengers

Toni’s athletics’ version of ‘The Avengers Assemble’ cast have arrived in force today. Well, in a pair. Jess’ world leading support takes the form of Dr. Paul Brice (Bricey), Bio-mechanist and Performance Analyst and Derry of ‘kiss the badge’ fame. Both have worked with Toni and Jess for many years. Bricey proves far less keen [...]

Wednesday 01 June 2016 17:46 BST|

Plan. Do. Review.

The sound of general activity and shouting coming over the phone lets me know that normal service is resumed. "We're dissecting the weekend", says Toni, "and Mick Hill is the best sports psych ever. He reckons John just needs to grow some". Cue lots of laughter in the background. The banter is back. Unfortunately, for [...]

Tuesday 31 May 2016 14:52 BST|

The Toni Commandments: Boris, Big Willy Style and Balls of Doom

“There are some things you can control and there are some things you can’t. The key to success is concentrating on the former. The problem comes when people obsess over the latter”. Toni is driving. He’s in good spirits but by anybody’s measure it’s been a long day already. After a two hour coach transfer [...]

Monday 30 May 2016 12:49 BST|

Pause, Regroup, Push on

It's been a tough day in Gotzis. Don't expect too much from today’s post. There is a degree of ‘glum’ hanging over my conversation with Toni. A steady, if not spectacular start yesterday meant that today presented a tough but possible challenge. Although the clouds were ominous the day started without any immediate threat of [...]

Sunday 29 May 2016 18:31 BST|
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