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Let The Anniversary Games Commence

The last rehearsal. The last opportunity to fine tune in the heat of competition. The last time to set down a marker before the big one, the Rio Olympics 2016. Today is London’s Anniversary Games. In the spirit of anniversaries and at the end of a long day yesterday, I asked Toni to recollect what [...]

Friday 22 July 2016 10:38 BST|

Just Keep Improving

To see Jess, only three weeks before the Olympics, competing at a local event and mixing it with young athletes at all levels made an impact on me. I wasn’t the only one as I explain to Toni, “Lots of people have been in touch praising Jess for her willingness to pose in countless selfies”. [...]

Thursday 21 July 2016 12:31 BST|

Surprise, Surprise

Selfie Time Toni has had his say on the Russian doping problem and the implications for the International Olympics Committee and the World Anti Doping Agency. It’s time to get back to business. Something happened last night that just might interest you.  Jess threw in the Javelin competition at the Stretford Grand Prix in Manchester. [...]

Wednesday 20 July 2016 12:26 BST|

Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush

Hope He’s Writing Those Plans In Pencil   “How are you doing Toni?” “Busy, busy, busy”. I can almost hear the teeth grinding. “As in ‘too busy to speak to Giles’ busy?” “No, no, that’s fine”. I sense an immediate relaxing in the jaw muscles. Toni has this ability. Where some of us dwell and [...]

Monday 18 July 2016 18:20 BST|

The T-Team has Assembled

There is a tangible difference in the mood as I walk into the training centre at the English Institute of Sport. This is not because there is an even larger crowd of children than usual enjoying their sports day (although there is). It’s because, on the straight behind the track that constitutes Toni’s daytime habitat, [...]

Wednesday 13 July 2016 17:30 BST|

Gold is the New Black

Toni’s going all Hollywood. Sort of. What is happening is that the BBC have made a documentary about his and Jess’ journey from the early days of working together up until the present moment preparing for Rio. I’m both excited and mildly troubled because I’ve been asked to write an article linking to the documentary. [...]

Tuesday 12 July 2016 17:30 BST|

The Tale of Three Johnnys

John Lane is a day away from his last shot at Olympic qualification. I’ll be speaking to him over the weekend and letting you know how things go. For now though he’s at the mercy of Derry’s hands and Toni’s camerawork. You may (or may not), be pleased to know that his shirt is, once [...]

Friday 08 July 2016 17:30 BST|

Over Speed, Over Time

When I arrive at the training centre I am, once again, greeted by hoards of screaming kids enjoying a school sports day. Toni is tucked away in the corner of the running straight, gazing intently at his phone whilst John stretches off on a gym mat. A group of the younger athletes are running a [...]

Wednesday 06 July 2016 18:30 BST|

Question Time with Toni

It's Question Time with Toni again - normal service will be resumed tomorrow but in the mean time enjoy some more answers from Toni to a few of the questions you've been submitting over the last few weeks. Here's questions from Mathias and Lorna: Toni on Battling the Nerves Toni on Coaching Multi-sport Events [...]

Tuesday 28 June 2016 18:30 BST|

Rain in Ratingen

Athletics Meets Glastonbury My first text from Toni was the above photo followed by the comment ‘it’s a bit wet here’. Naturally, I pick up the phone, "It looks awful” “It’s as bad as Manchester! All the Europeans are telling me it’s god crying because we’re leaving the EU”. “They might be right”. “They’re also [...]

Saturday 25 June 2016 14:43 BST|
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