Two days ago, competing in front of the world and a packed and screaming Olympic Stadium. Today, training at the English Institute of sport with a few screaming kids in the background and plenty of sarcastic comments from the team. Plus the bloggers.

It’s good to be grounded. Lets’ face it, here you’ve got no choice.

Training session banter

You may notice a slightly improved standard of filming today as Sera, who has been helping out on social media, is filming whilst I listen and write.

It’s the penultimate day in Sheffield before flying off to training camp, the final step on the road to Rio 2016. Although the main event features in conversation there is a remarkably relaxed atmosphere.

Shot Put session

This gives me the chance to a chat to a couple of people that isn’t always so easy.

John has been back training but by his own admission is not feeling his best.   There’s a possibility of competing at a final Decathlon in a few weeks but he’s not entirely sure that it’s going to happen,

“I think my body is telling me to take a break for the rest of the season. I’ll see how I feel in a couple of weeks”.

“What then?”

“I’m off to Australia to do a few months work at my old school”.


“Yeah. And the chance to get a bit of sun a refresh”.

Good luck John, enjoy the blue skies and guaranteed sunshine. Not jealous at all.

John thumbs up

The focus of the second part of the session is long jump. After the personal best of Ratingen, the Anniversary Games proved disappointing. Frustrations now quashed, Toni and Jess are focusing on addressing technique.

Focusing on technique

Toni puts it into workmanlike perspective,

“We reviewed all the technical aspects from the weekend. Everything’s connected.”

“What’s the main area?”

“We’re focusing on the leaning back across board. We need to address that and get enough speed as Jess attacks it. There’s also some flight technique aspects we’re refining”.

Toni tees up Jess’ jump with an alternative attempt at introducing focus,

“If you bail out to the left you buy everyone lunch”.

“I haven’t got any cash on me today”.

“They take plastic”.

Low and behold it works.

Coaching genius.