Toni is driving. Again. He left Sheffield at lunchtime following a training session with Jess that has left him feeling upbeat. At least it would have done had the session not run over and he took a wrong turn on his way to meet the team at England Squash (more on that another time).

toni driving

I’m sitting at my desk. Again. With my laptop and phone.

“Have you got any pictures or films from the session with Jess?”

“Ah…. No. I did upload a video from yesterday’s hurdles though”.

I let the absence of pictures from this morning slide on the basis that he is pretty busy at the moment. “No worries. I wanted to know why you made them put the first hurdle up higher anyway . Talk me through it”.

“It’s all about making sure their eight step run into the first hurdle is right. The other hurdles are lower so they can really accelerate without inhibition. And it changes things around a bit. Plus they’re racing each other”.

“No harm in a bit of competition”.

“It’s race after race coming up. Non-stop. Including Alicia and Jess both running hurdles at Manchester in the Northerns”.

“Alicia against Jess? Interesting.”

“It’s Alicia’s first step up from under 23’s to seniors. It will be a good experience for her.

We’re working tough with Lucy right now who’ll then taper as she’s got five races in two weeks. Karla’s running in Geneva…”

Toni tales off, apparently making mental lists. I try to bring the conversation back to the hurdles session, “so it’s about getting race ready?”

“Yes. For a lot of them the next few weeks are critical. Their season will shape up based on those performances”.

“Best be quick off the blocks then?”

“Are you watching the film?”

“Might be”.

Cue VT.