Jess Chows Down

Whilst all the other activity goes on around them, Toni, Jess and the team are still in time killing mode. This, as explained previously, involves a cycle of eat, sleep, wait, repeat all with the shadow of your impending event unfolding in front of billions of eyes across the world. It must be surreal.


Smile, You’re on Facetime

It makes you wonder what people did before mobile phones. Maybe they read more books, made more friends or simply got really, really, bored.

team GB lounge

Team GB Lounge

Nonetheless, there are other distractions, mainly food. I raise the topic with Toni,

“Talk me through the food-hall”.


No Sugary Drinks Here

“It’s a glutton’s heaven. Rows and rows of fridges with drinks, too many food stations to count and a huge McDonalds”.

“And it’s all free?”

“Eat and drink as much as you like, no charge”.

“Although you could pay for it in other ways?”

Toni grimaces, “It’s OK for the athletes as their metabolism is tuned to burn it off. Not so good for the coaches”.


Food hall


Now, Where Am I Going to Sit?

“You’ve received a challenge”.

“I have?”

“Yes, double your steps to twenty thousand per day”.

“I did seventeen thousand yesterday”.

“There you go, you just need prove it now”.

“I’ll see what I can do”.

Meanwhile Derry, proving himself to be the more adventurous one has taken it upon himself to explore, from the beach to Sugar Loaf mountain. Toni isn’t keen,

“We’ve been warned about the increase in petty crime. The last thing I need is that type of distraction. Gangs are going around, they create a distraction and then nick your stuff. Not fun. Derry’s in tourist mode though so I leave him to it”.

Here are his ‘holiday’ snaps;


Cable Car Views


“Dad, will you build me a sandcastle like this?”


Derry Catches Up With Laura Muir

The Competition. Part One

In the UK the Heptathlon has been portrayed as Jess versus Katerina Johnson-Thomson. Not only is this unfair on the other athletes involved it’s also unrealistic. As Toni and Jess are fully aware, there are some strong athletes involved.

Here’s part one of Toni’s assessment,

“First up you have to say that Brianne Theisen-Eaton, the Canadian is the out and out favourite. She’s a solid performer at 6,800 points and the world number one. She also has a good day two.


Anouk Vetter did well at the European Champs. If she can reproduce that form then she could be in the mix.


I’d say the next favourite is the Latvian, Laura Ikauniece-Admidina. She got a national record of 6622 at Gotzis”.


“And Jess?”

“She’s obviously in the mix but there are others too.”

We’ll get into that tomorrow…