The day just gets better.

After the hassle of cancelled flights and changed airports the latest development in this mini-saga is that, despite assurance to the contrary, John’s pole vault poles have not made the trip.

Of course, being only five metres long, they must have been very easy to misplace in Birmingham. Passengers must always be bringing five metre long objects on board with them. Things just get mixed up.

John is left to deal with customer services as Toni takes on the role of photo journalist. 

I imagine the conversation goes something like this,

‘You are missing what exactly sir?”

“My poles”

“Your poles?”

“I’m a pole vaulter. Well, a Decathlete. I’m competing this weekend in Gotzis”.

“But this is Switzerland”.

“I know. Do you know where my poles are?”

“Could you describe them to me sir?”


John Lane At Airport Security Switzerland