Jess Anniversary Games

It was a relatively leisurely start for Toni yesterday with no daughter to wake him and no training session to attend. Given that I had to catch the 0511 from Manchester, even though he’s carrying the hopes of nation on his shoulders, I took little pleasure from learning how refreshed he felt.

More importantly he’s on good form. He’s evidently pleased with Jess’ performance in the Anniversary Games 100 metre hurdles,

“She felt good in the warm up, ran nice and clean”.

Jess Anniversary Games Warm Up

Jess Sizes up the Warm Up Track

I interrupt, having only witnessed warm ups at relatively minor events “What’s it like warming up at an event like that?”

“It’s a bun fight. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of different drills and set ups people have”.

I’m intrigued, “Doesn’t it get niggly?”

“Nah. It’s all friendly and co-operative it’s just that it’s carnage. There’s a finite amount of space available so you have to work together but it couldn’t be more different than when you see a football team trot onto the pitch before a game. Each team has half of the pitch to warm up on.

Life in the Warm Up Lanes

We have six lanes and a seemingly endless stream of athletes”.

“I suspect it’ll be a bit different for Alicia?”

Alicia warming up at the World Youth Games, Poland

Alicia, competing at the World Youth Games in Poland was up against tougher competition than usual.

“Yes. She did really well. Through to the semi-finals after running a 13.35 PB. Thing is a 15 year old American girl ran 13.04”.

“That’s rapid”.

“The standard of women’s hurdles is through the roof at the moment. In a few years it might settle down but it’s incredibly competitive which makes it tough for the likes of Lucy Hatton”.

“Why’s it so good now?”

“I think it’s cyclical. That said, the US Collegiate system seems to be able to keep churning them out”.

Jess Pre Anniversary Games

The Point Where Toni Says Goodbye and Jess is on her own

“Jess’ first heat was great”.

“A PPPB which is great. She really smacked her knee on the first hurdle though. I sent evidence”.


Jess Anniversary Games Knee

“Imagine how fast she would have been if she’d missed it. I saw she also hit hurdle 7 in the final”.

“She really smacked it. She did well to keep her feet but lost all her speed. I’m pleased with the PPPB although Jess was frustrated that she couldn’t have got a better time in a world record race”.

“And Kendra Harrison isn’t even going to the Olympics?! There seems to be a lot of media fuss about that”

“It’s their system and it’s designed to avoid litigation. To stop people fighting through court to get a place. The way I see, all the athletes understand the system and they all accept it. It is what it is. There’s no histrionics. It works”.

“How was the rest of the event away from the hurdles?”

“We struggled to find our seats and Alison was camera shy but it was a good day overall. I’ll send you a Bolt film from behind the scenes. The readers might like that”

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“I’m sure they will. Good luck with the long jump”.