After months of designing, editing, proofreading and all round worrying, the book of the blog was printed last week. But that wasn’t the end of it. There was a problem with the print job so our lovely printers had to start all over again.

This meant that the day Mark and I visited Toni and the team (bearing donuts) all our plans of signing and packing were laid waste. That said it was good to see the new team back in action, sans Jessica, working (and eating donuts) as enthusiastically as ever.

It also meant Toni and I had time to continue to map out the next book; a semi-autobiographical examination of Toni’s coaching journey, philosophies and techniques. As you can see we got quite excited:

Toni Minichiello and Giles Mountford

Then, finally, on Thursday the books arrived.

Coach To Rio The Book

Lots Of Boxes And A Book

Mark and I were working away and I was fretting like an absent father when the picture from Sera came through. Everything was OK! Two kilograms of perfectly bound, exquisitely printed coffee table book. Time to breath easy.

At the same time several boxes of books were delivered to Toni’s house for the grand signing.

The Book arrives with Toni

They Look The Same In Sheffield

Jess came round to Toni’s on Friday to commence the book signing for all the kind souls who pledged through the Kickstarter campaign. Here’s the proof:

Jess signs the Coach To Rio book

As this is likely the last time I’ll go on about the book at any length (thanks for your patience!) here are some of my favourite quotes from my time with Toni, Jess and the team:

“I’ve been accused of lacking political savvy. If that means being silent when I see something that’s wrong, then I’d rather be a buffoon”.

“All too often sports science is trying to put the cherry on a non-existent cake – everyone looking for one percent instead of addressing the basics of fitness, skills and attitude…”

“Here’s the bottom line. People that supply or take drugs are not just cheats, they’re thieves. They steal medals from clean competitors, they steal money from sponsors and they steal the dreams of kids and fans everywhere. Kids that believe in heroes, kids that are looking for role models”.

And who could forget:

“Super foods? That’s a joke. There’s food that’s good for you and there’s food that’s not. And sometimes the food that is bad for you is good for you.”

Thanks for allowing me some self indulgence this week. Enjoy the book.