Jess Ennis-Hill Filming John Lane

Jess and John are back in action together again. This time John is working on Short Corners and Free Kicks in relation to the pole vault. Jess is working on her camera skills. See what you think:

Jess filming John pole vault

I ask Toni to explain,

“It’s been all about rhythm and runways in the pole vault for John. It’s been a difficult few weeks since Poland due to his foot injury.”

“It sounds a bit stark but isn’t time running out?”

“Totally. This weekend is his one last shot for Olympic qualification”.

“That’s tough”.

“It’s the nature of the sport. The main discussion point has been for him to just go there and compete”.

“Focus on performance and the result looks after itself?”

“You’re learning”.

“And Jess?”.

“We’re continuing to apply the learnings from Ratingen. This morning was about Javelin, specifically working on the run up. Tomorrow it’s block starts”.

“She may always switch to a career as a camera operator?”

“You’ve watched the film?”

“I like John’s comments.”

“About panning?”

“And also the fact it takes him a month to recover from a Decathlon”.

“I told you he was a whinger”.

Once again, judge for yourself:

Jess Invents Peranning

“What about the others?’

“Lucy Hatton competes tomorrow at the Europeans in Amsterdam so today’s about walking and stretching out. Louise is also out there with the relay team”.

The screams from the Tapton Schools sports day make it almost impossible to hear over the phone. It sounds like they’re having a good time.

“Have you resolved Nikita’s plans yet?”

“No, we’re still trying to work out the best race schedule for her. In the meantime we’re focusing on maintaining her condition. Sometimes athletes overlook this during competition but it’s vital”.

‘What have you been working on?”

“Yesterday was circuit training. Two leg exercises followed by upper body. I break it down like that because although it’s important to do conditioning it needs to be specific. In Nikita’s case this is for the four hundred so, quad, glute, and hamstring work. This generates more lactic build up and then the upper body exercise acts as a release”.

“I thought there would be more emphasis on upper body for a four hundred metre runner?”

“They need upper body strength, not weight. Up close you’ll see a four hundred metre runner is quite lean and sinewy though not as much as an eight hundred runner who carry hardly any upper body weight. The point is that you need the strength but you don’t want to carry the weight”.

“Like cyclists who talk about power weight ratio?”

“The same idea yes”, Toni pauses, “I hope you’re going to use the film I made of Nikita’s circuits because it took me five minutes of trying to hold steady to output a thirty second video”.

“Consider it used”.

Nikita’s 5 Minute Circuit in 30 Seconds