Athlete John Lane

You’re starting to get to know Toni Minichiello quite well. And I suppose, by default, me. Probably better than either of us would care to admit. I did promise warts and all.

Toni feels it’s time to begin to redress the balance and give you an insight into the athletes and support team. It’s the turn of a doughnut hoovering, constantly complaining, decathlete, hybrid English/Aussie.

He’s got abs. He’s got moves. He can never find a top to wear. It’s John Lane. In his own words.

What’s the first thing to enter your mind when you wake up on a training day?

“Ouch ouch ouch” followed by “what session have I got today” followed by “I need coffee”

Who trains and who complains the hardest?

Everyone trains hard. I like to think I train the hardest. Ennis never shy’s away from the hard yards…. obviously. Complains the most?…. I’m guessing everyone else in the group would say I’m the biggest culprit. But I tend to disagree.

What’s your favourite / least favourite type of training?

Favourite training is block starts or pole vault sessions can be fun…when they go ok (ed. note – when he hasn’t misplaced his poles GM) . Least favorite has to be the 400m or 1500m related sessions. No one likes lactic.

If you could have any superpower – what would it be?

Having the ability to fly.

What’s your typical meal and snack line up on a training day?

Typical snacks on training day are energy gels, energy bars, and energy drinks. Followed by a protein recovery shake after weights or after my last session of the day.

What’s your usual pre-race routine?

Loads of caffeine…. followed by a warm up…. followed by some more caffeine…followed by stretching…. followed by an energy gel. I try and listen to music as long as I can during warm up as it keeps me relaxed and takes my mind of stressing out before I race.

Describe the perfect 2016 for you.

Score a PB, qualify for the European Champs and Qualify for the Rio Olympics. Plus, finish the season healthy and ready for a big winter next year.

John Lane Discus

Quick fire round:

Favorite training music?

Rnb, Hip Hop or old school classics

Favorite chocolate bar? (if you have one!)

Galaxy ripple bar

Favorite film and why?

The hangover films. Because that’s what I want my Stag do to be like.

Biggest inspiration?

My mum and dad.

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve ever received (that you’re able to share!)?

No one else knows your body better than you. If you don’t feel right…. don’t be a hero. STOP.


There you have it folks. John Lane. Any more questions for the boy wonder? Fill in the comment boxes below.