First a catch up from yesterday. The sun had returned to Sheffield which seemed the perfect excuse to put the team through their paces on the outdoor running track.

As you’ll see from the film the enthusiasm is overwhelming:

Sunshine aside there’s no doubt about it, training like this hurts. Not in the painful, damaging way but in the lungs on fire, legs like lead type of way. For me, not fun. Which is why I write about it rather than do it.

Jess and John at the Track

Yesterday was also the last day of filming for the BBC documentary due to be aired in a few weeks. Watch this space for details.

To today. My phone rings, it’s Toni,

“Have you been trying to call me?”

“Of course”.

“I had my phone on airplane mode so I could do some filming without interruption”.

“And you forgot to turn it back on?”


“Easily done. I’m toying with the idea of leaving mine on airplane mode permanently. How’s the new set-up working out?”

Toni has been structuring his sessions to enable the best possible run into Rio. In essence this means working really, really long days by creating space for Jess focused sessions and then working with the rest of the team into the evening.

‘It’s good to create the space but it means for a very long day. We’ve been fine tuning the shot today with John. Actually Jess has been fine-tuning John”.

Watch the film to see what he means:

Jess Takes to Coaching

For those of you who have been asking about John you can now see with your own eyes that he’s in fine fettle. Albeit he mysteriously kept his shirt on today. I’ll have to ask Toni about that another time.

This afternoon was back out into the sun for the dreaded eight hundred metres running sessions. I’m not sure what you think from watching the film but is there a possibility that Toni takes a perverse pleasure in inflicting such discomfort? Surely not. What Bond villain would?

Adam, who features in the film has flown in from Brooklyn to join the session. He used be coached by Toni until moving over to study in the States. It’s nice to know that the Blog has reached Stateside. Enjoy your Independence Day celebrations if you’re reading this from over the pond.

Toni, Mark and I are planning to get together on Wednesday. Toni has been threatening to put me through my paces in the gym. He wants to know if I’m still game,

“Are you to do that workout with me?”

“Will it make me look an idiot?”

“Almost certainly”.

“Then yes, I’ll bring my shorts. Be kind”.

“Be prepared”.


Toni and Jess Training

Toni Talks Jess through His Notes