Yesterday’s training session did not start until early evening as Jess is starting her adjustment to the timings of the Heptathlon on August 13th.

With a little extra time on their hands, not for the first time, those members of the team motivated by testosterone decided on challenging each other. This time, in the weights room. Unfortunately, Derry did not get the memo. Well he did, but who can blame him for being a little late after celebrating his 50th Birthday? Toni can, that’s who.


Toni Makes A Point

“So what happened?”

“Eventually Derry turned up and we went to the gym”.


“Well, Hilly is a monster so everyone went into their own corners and got on with it until a group of kids,8-10 ten year olds, came in with their coach. She was proper working them so we knocked it on the head a bit after that. And I walked back to the hotel”.

“Cowards. Getting those steps in then?”


Toni Makes Another Point

Twitter and the news in general, has continued buzzing about Lizzie Armistead’s missed drug tests. In short, despite missing three tests the world champion cyclist appealed and will be riding at Rio.


What the Papers Say


What Lizzie Says

I ask Toni if he’s prepared to comment. Not surprisingly, at least for anyone who has read the blog for a while, he’s unimpressed. This is what Toni says,

“I’m with David Walsh on this. I’m confused why you would appeal the first miss not the second or third. Surely you would appeal at the time?”

“What about her response?”

Toni’s tone gets darker, “The damning comment from her is the clear admission she wasn’t where she was supposed to be. Blaming British cycling is odd in return for medals, money, etc. It’s part of your job. End of. You have to take responsibility for yourself.”

Toni has little patience for this topic thanks, in great part, to the ongoing saga of the IAAF dragging their heels over awarding Jess the gold medal from 2011 when she was beaten into second place by Tatyana Chernova. Chernova subsequently failed a drugs test.

I’m reminded of a quote Toni made a few weeks ago,

“Here’s the bottom line. People that supply or take drugs are not just cheats, they’re thieves. They steal medals from clean competitors, they steal money from sponsors and they steal the dreams of kids and fans everywhere. Kids that believe in heroes, kids that are looking for role models”.

If you want to read more from Toni on the topic check these blogs,

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Stop Talking Start Sorting


I move the conversation to a less controversial area,

“Is the hotel still looking after you?”

“It is. For the first time today a bloke came up to Jess and wished her good luck. Up until then we’ve been completely left alone. It was fine though”.

“Anything else?”

“I’ve slept quite a lot”.

Later, we talk briefly after the Javelin session.

“How was it?”

“Although the facility is great some areas are a little tired so Bricey stepped in with some excellent line work”.

“There’s no end to his talents”.

Gaffer For The Gaffer

“After that it was over to Mick to do his thing”.


Mick Gets the Session Ready

“And now?”

“And now I’m going to go to my room and sleep some more”.

Sounds like a plan.