You Talkin’ To Me?

The waiting is nearly over. I’m sitting writing this blog bleary eyed as I’ve already had one night of troubled sleep during which my mind played out the Heptathlon and all the possibilities. It must have been Toni’s assessment of the competition.

Fortunately for me the team, the fans and most importantly for Jess, Toni is far more relaxed than I am. In fact, he’s taking it all in his stride.

“What have you been doing?”

“I’ve been watching “You’re Never Too Young” with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis”.

“I think I watched that with my Grandad. Jerry Lewis used to make me laugh”.

“Yeah. I think it worked better when we were kids. Now, not so much. You can see Dean Martin giving him strange looks and you understand why”.

“You haven’t relented and gone exploring then?”

“Only in the village. I’m happy with that. It’s safe”.


Careful Going Out At Night in Rio, You might Bump Into Toni


Night time in The Athletes Village

“From the look of your photos everyone has the chance to go out and meet people from different cultures and instead they stare at their phones”

Toni chuckles, “Some of them must be doing more than that. I’ve always heard about these thousands of condoms being handed out at the athletes’ village but never seen it until today. A couple of old fellas were wandering around giving them away. Bizarre”.

“Unlimited free food, drinks and now condoms. Have you died and arrived in Valhalla?”

“You can get commemorative ones too. In case you feel the need to celebrate. I took a photo, I’ll send it”.

“Please do”.


Celebration Sex Anyone?

“Food, drinks, films and free condoms aside wasn’t it media day yesterday?”

“Yes, at the Adidas area. We held it there because they’re her sponsor and we wanted it all sorted in one hit”


Jess, Meet Jess

“How was it?”

“OK. I did a piece with Rick Broadbent from The Times about the fact that no British woman has retained the Olympic Title. I explained about how her body has moved on since having a baby and getting older. Talked him through quality over volume in training. Also the importance of family for Jess so having the holding camp in Spain”.

“The sort of stuff in the blog then?”

“Yes, but not as much detail”.


Indignant ‘Hands on Hips’ Pose

“Derry has sent me a few photos with you standing around with your hands on your hips. Is that indignation or boredom?”

“Probably boredom. It’s quite a long time as, quite naturally, everyone wants to speak to Jess”.


Jess Sees the Funny Side

Toni continues, “Apart from talking to TV people and the occasional chat you just hang around and eat complimentary food”.

Derry’s View From Behind The Scenes

“There’s that free food thing again. How is your steps challenge going?”

(Sera, who is helping out on social media for the blog has challenged Toni to nail 20,000 steps in a day compared to his usual target of 10,000).

“Let’s wait and see how far I walk on the competition days”.

Talking of competition days, here is the events schedule in UK time. Don’t be thrown by the confusing three day cycle – it’s because day two stretches into the early hours of Sunday morning if you’re watching in Europe.

Friday 12 August

13:35 – 14:00 Women’s Heptathlon 100m Hurdles
14:50 – 17:08 Women’s Heptathlon High Jump

Saturday 13 August

00:35 – 01:23 Women’s Heptathlon Shot Put
02:05 – 02:27 Women’s Heptathlon 200m
15:45 – 16:41 Women’s Heptathlon Long Jump

Sunday 14 August

00:00 – 00:45 Women’s Heptathlon Javelin Throw
02:53 – 03:12 Women’s Heptathlon 800m

Let’s hope there’s a lap of honour for Jess to add to Toni’s step count on day two.