Tidy office, Tidy Mind

The mania of yesterday provided the straw to temporarily break the camel’s back. Several of the team are competing but Toni is rehabbing Toni today.

It’s a sleepy response I get when Toni picks up the phone,

“I’m in re-charge mode. It’s going to be a day of reading, feet up, planning the next five weeks for Jess…. and lots of coffee”.

“Makes sense. It takes a long time to chop down a tree with a blunt axe. You’re just sharpening the blade. We all need to do that. It’s just that you’re sharpening your blade by planning to beat the world”.

He chuckles but without conviction, “Managing to tidy the office would be good enough”.

“I thought you liked it full of books?”

“It’s full of Olympic kit bags now. It’s the only place to put them to make sure the family aren’t constantly tripping over”.

Tonis office full of Olympic kit

“Make sure Minty doesn’t stowaway”.

Minty is a stray cat that Toni was going to take straight to a kennels once the RSPCA had visited and confirmed it had no registered owner. That was two weeks ago. The registered owner is now Tony. When it comes to fluffy kittens the Coach obviously has a soft side. It helps that Minty is white and that when Toni is stroking her on his lap he makes a passable impression of super-villain Blofeld from the James Bond movies.

“Not sure she’d get past customs”.

Toni and Minty

We meet at Last Mr. Bond

‘What about the Wales football team. Did you see the game last night?” (Wales beat Belgium 3-1 in Euro 2106).

“Yeah. It was against the odds but they went for it. I liked Chris Coleman’s (the team manager) comments at the end. Particularly the bit about not being afraid to fail. That’s critical in sport generally but in football failure often defines you with the sack. Good on him and good on the Welsh FA. It’s impressive”.

Several people have been asking after John following his injury of few weeks ago so I raise it with Toni,

“The results are in and they suspect he broke a bone in his foot in the past that was never diagnosed. The good news is that he’ll be able to compete. It’s not as bad as we feared”.

“How soon?”

“All being well he’ll be in a Decathlon in the North East in a weeks time”.

“Good news. How was your interview with the BBC yesterday afternoon?”

“To be honest it was a bit shit. I need to think more about what I’m going to say before I press the button”.

“Why change the habit of a life time?”

Toni starts to make strange kissing noises down the phone. On the basis that I’m fairly confident he’s not making a pass at me I assume Minty has entered the room.

“Perhaps she wants to settle down and watch a film together?”

“Nah. I’m off to Costa. Saw Deadpool last night though. A bit disappointing to be honest. I like how he breaks the fourth wall* though”.

“I think that’s we’re trying to do with this blog”.

“Yeah. Maybe we are”.

I sense that it’s time to put the fourth wall back in place and promise to pick up with Toni tomorrow. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to take it down over the next six weeks.

Toni planning in Costa

Planning the next Five Weeks for Jess

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourth_wall