Giles and Toni talk PPPB

I know I’m meant to be writing about British Athletics and Moneyball (or anti-Moneyball) today but that’ll have to wait for later. Three reasons;

Firstly Toni’s ‘one hour’ trip to our meeting in Loughborough took nearly as long as his trip back from Prague. Four hours to drive fifty miles. At that rate Jess and he should probably set off for Rio now.

Secondly a lot people have picked up on Toni’s newly coined phrase ‘Post Pregnancy Personal Best’, or ‘PBBB™’ for short. They want answers. I’m here to serve.

Thirdly, Toni is not in the mood to talk Moneyball. It’s been a long weekend.

Taking the above into account and given that we’re (finally) in the same room together it seems to make sense to let him give the PPPB ™ answer in his own words.

“Why judge yourself against someone else? You’re not the same you when you’ve had a baby, life has changed. It’s time to start again”.

Watch the film: