Day one done, even though it stretched over two days and caused serious sore necks for people across the UK who eventually fell asleep on their sofas as the Heptathlon rolled into the early hours of this morning. There’s more of the same today.


Famous Friends

For the record, as if you don’t know already Jess leads the pack by 72 points with Thiam of Belgium in second, Jones of Barbados in third and KJT fourth. Toni and I have agreed we’ll do a full review after the event – there’s more than enough being written and talked about what happens in front of the cameras. Besides, as you might expect, talking to Toni hasn’t been easy but a few texts and updates from Derry plus some great behind the scenes photos and footage make our enforced radio silence (it’s become a habit!) easier.

In brief it was a good hurdles and high jump. A PPPB for the start of a full Heptathlon and the HJ.  There was an element of farce introduced by the organisers decision to run the 10,000 metres at the same time as the heptathlon high jump. Toni’s text summed it up:

“10,000m final is going to make it difficult to find a gap for the high jumpers to run through. Still not sure the bar is level either”.

Jess still managed a jump of 1.89 before the long, long wait for the shotput.


Alison Prepares the Treatment Area for Jess

After spending time with Jess Toni took the chance in the break to record a cheeky tour of the stadium from Toni:

Secret Squirrel


View from the Stadium

After that, ever wondered what coaches do in between events, when all the talking has been done? Here’s your answer.


Still Reading That Book…

The shot put was slightly disappointing given Jess’ throws in training but was sufficient, alongside her 200m, to leave her at the top of the field at the end of the day.

Toni’s summary by text?  “Doing well PPPB first day just need to do the maths tonight to work it all out”.

As I’m writing, day two is about to start. And I’m settling in for a very late night. I may snooze later in the afternoon too…

Finally, in an unexpected but pleasant surprise Toni has had his flight rescheduled to the 15th. He doesn’t know how or by whom but he’s happy. Should Jess make it to the podium he will at least be there to see it as opposed to catching up on iPlayer back in Sheffield. Of course, getting to the podium is no easy matter and that’s something we’ll all be watching, everything crossed, to see if Jess, Toni and the team can make history.