Spinning plates is one thing but have you ever had one of those days when you feel like you’re the one on a spinning plate whilst trying to spin those other plates at the same time? For different reasons it seems that Toni and my stars have met today. We’re both having what is probably best described as ‘a bit of a mare’.

For Toni this involves most of the team being around whilst a BBC camera crew is filming a documentary and the track is only partially accessible.

Our call is interrupted, even more than usual, by secondary conversations with various people who regularly wander up to ask him questions. So much so that I ask the question,

“What’s the new job as ringmaster like?”

He laughs, “Feels like I’m coaching a million people today. I’m constantly issuing instructions”.

“More than usual?!”

“It’s challenging. Everyone is at a point in the season where they all have different and specific needs – from managing small niggles like Alicia to preparing to compete at the Europeans like Lucy.

Add to that we’ve got limited track time and a BBC film crew shooting for a documentary that they’re putting out before the Anniversary Games”.


The Circus in Action

“How’s that going?”

“It’s stuff you need to do. It’s just finding a place to fit it in. We’re getting to the point in the build up to the Olympics that everyone wants time, pictures, comments…”

“Challenging when you’re trying to prepare but I guess it’s always going to be a bit of symbiotic relationship?”

“It is. You try and be as supportive as you can. Profile helps with things like sponsors and although it’s not about money if no-one writes about us then no-one gets inspired to get involved.

Obviously the higher up you go the more coverage you get and the more they want from you.”

“And the opposite is true too?”

“Damn right. Can’t get coverage on some of the younger ones for love nor money. That’s just the way it is”.

“And how is the star of the show?”

“She’s easing back into it”.

“Are you starting to work on your reviews?”

“Yes, hurdling in the dry and some shot put”.

Slow Motion Speed and Power
Toni Shows The Way

“You look very co-ordinated in those photos”.

“She’s liking my new t-shirt”.

I should explain. We’ve printed up some new t-shirts to encourage people to read the blog.

Toni wearing his CTR T-Shirt

“Does she really?”

“She says so”.

“Is she lying”.


Decide for yourself.

Toni Seeks out Some Fashion Advice from Jess