How Very British (spot Jess on a deck chair)

Now the team has a day of Rio time under their collective belt I ask Toni what training they are planning with Jess,

“Two-fifth of not much*”, is the answer I receive, “It’s more about getting the body used to Rio time, relaxing, eating right…”

*Note: Toni’s actual phrasing is more urbane and probably not suitable for print.

I try not to sound like I’m enquiring after a thoroughbred racehorse, “How did Jess travel? Is she OK?”

“Yes. She’s really, really good. Everyone is. Now we’ve got all our bags”


Anything to Declare?


Bricey Tries To Work Out How To Fit It All Into A Taxi

Toni continues, “Alison Rose came in to the village check on her yesterday afternoon, just to make sure”.

“She’s not in the village?”

“No, along with a lot of support staff they’re staying in apartments outside of the village”.

“And how is it for you so far?”

“Good. Like I said yesterday, some really nice touches from GB. There’s an outside area with deck chairs to watch competitions and lots of union jack themed items to help you settle in”.


The Welcome Mat

“I guess everyone wants that little bit of home?”

“It’s quite funny if you look at the apartment blocks. Lots of the teams have branded them by draping big banners around. It’s good to see really. It all adds to the feel”.


I Claim This Tower

“How’s the weather?”

“A bit of a crazy tropical storm blew through yesterday. I’ve uploaded a video”

“And the accommodation?”


The Chill Zone (lounge)

“It’s good but you have to be a bit careful on the security front. You’re advised not to leave anything on charge but put it in your bag and padlock it under your bed”.

“You’ll never charge anything that way!”.

“You can get a padlock for your room if you prefer”.

“I think you should go for that option”.

“I think I will”.

“How was the meet and greet?”

“It was done very well actually. Just at the right level”.

“I like the picture of you with the Olympic rings”.


Toni Touches The Rings

“They’re broken. If you look carefully you’ll see they’re cracked. I think it was the storm. It took out the internet for a while too.  Thankfully it’s back working now”.

“What would you do without it?”

“Precisely. It’s a waiting game at the moment so most of us are just eating, wandering around and waiting for the next meal. Which is where the internet comes in handy”.

“I’ve got a job for you. Mal, who has read the blog from the beginning would like an honest appraisal of the Heptathlon competition. Rather than in just being about Jess and KJT”.

“I can do that.”.

“You see, I’m the gift that keeps giving”.

I leave Toni to study the form whilst I go and join my family by the pool. Hard life.