Whilst the opening ceremony lights up Rio and, in doing so, attempts to drag this Olympiad out of the shadow of drugs scandals and the political and social unrest in the host country Toni and the team are packing their bags and getting ready to fly.

If you haven’t worked it out by now (which you probably have) the Holding Camp is on the outskirts of Barcelona, in Sant Cugat, utilising the facilities built for the 1992 Olympic Games.

A Road to Sant Cugat in Thirty Seconds – Spot the Near Head On Collision

Toni explains his decision to prepare for Rio here,

“Naturally there’s a lot of pressure to do things a certain way but the only way I’m interested in is the way that works best for my athletes, in this instance, Jess”.

“Are you talking about Zika? The political unrest?”

“I take anything and everything into account. There is no single reason why we’re here rather than Brazil. In fact the over-riding reason is personal. Training in Spain has meant that Jess can spend some extra time with Andy and Reggie. Quite rightly nothing is more important to her than family.

Family are not allowed access to the athletes’ village so taking Reggie to Brazil for a few days was not an option. Far better to be in Spain, away from the circus, where Jess can focus on training when she needs to and relax with family in the down time”.

“So it’s worked for you?”

“Absolutely, yes. Ask any of the team”.

I did and the response was unanimous. Everyone felt this was the best pre-competition environment they had worked in (and we’re talking a very experienced group).

“Safe travels tomorrow”.


Now seems like an ideal time, in ‘end of term’ tradition, to provide a recap and review of the past couple of weeks under the Spanish sun. It’s mainly unreleased footage, so enjoy because after tomorrow it all gets very serious again:

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