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Selfie Time

Toni has had his say on the Russian doping problem and the implications for the International Olympics Committee and the World Anti Doping Agency. It’s time to get back to business.

Something happened last night that just might interest you.  Jess threw in the Javelin competition at the Stretford Grand Prix in Manchester. Here’s an outtake from my conversation with Toni,

“How come Jess is competing before the anniversary games?”

“It’s all about the pools for the Olympics. We want to get in the best javelin pool. Jess’ season best is 45 metres. We believed we could do better than that and Manchester was the last realistic opportunity to record an official throw”.

“How does the pool system work then?”.

“The better javelin throwers usually throw second.  It’s hard to apply pressure if you’re throwing in the first group. We want to be in the second group but we don’t know exactly where the line will be drawn hence we’re throwing tonight. We want to improve our chances”

rio or manchester

Rio or Manchester. What’s the Difference?

“Surely it’s better television if Jess is throwing against her closest competitors for the overall though?”

“If Jess doesn’t make the top pool it’s a bit like Bolt running one final against lesser runners and then the five other better runners competing in a second final and then working out who won.

Athletics has been working hard on presentation. The multi-event community has got together to make recommendations on improving presentation but we don’t seem to be listened to”

“But if the main protagonists don’t compete directly against each other?  No-one wants to see that”.

“But if the main protagonists don’t compete directly against each other?  No-one wants to see that”.

“Exactly. The punter wants to see those most likely to medal compete directly against each other”.

I bring the subject back to last night’s competition, “That was a late entry. I bet there were a few surprised faces when Jess rocked up?”

“Just a few”.

more selfies with Jess

“How was it?”.

“Really, really hot and sticky”.

“Perhaps a bit like Rio? How did that affect performance?”

“We’d discussed it a week ago and were waiting on the weather to see if it was viable. It was. Jess threw 46.09. A season’s best and a PPPB. And I sense there’s more in the tank”.


“For now, yes”.

Mick watches Jess throw

Mick Looks on as Jess Throws

“And Jess?”

“The funny thing was, from the moment she got there to the moment she left she was surrounded by kids wanting selfies. Including during the event. She took it all in good spirits”.

Jess makes time for a fan

Jess always makes time for a fan

“I can imagine some sportspeople who may not”.

“After the event she wanted to get straight home so we said goodbye and I wandered off to get a coffee. Ten minutes later when I got back she was still signing autographs and having photos taken. She’d moved about ten metres”.

I think that speaks for itself.