John Lane is a day away from his last shot at Olympic qualification. I’ll be speaking to him over the weekend and letting you know how things go. For now though he’s at the mercy of Derry’s hands and Toni’s camerawork. You may (or may not), be pleased to know that his shirt is, once again, off.

Johnny Nelson, mentioned in the film, is an ex boxing champ and current presenter on Sky TV. He’s not the only sports star present today as tennis player Jonathan Murray is also in the building. I ask the obvious question,

“Why are they there?”

“They’re seeing the legend that is Derry Suter, soft tissue expert to the stars. In fact it’s three Sheffield sporting legends all in one place”.

“You’re selling yourself short. Make it four”.

“Johnny Nelson and I are the same age so we knew each other from school days. It’s good to catch up and go over old times.”

“What about John? I thought he was born in the States and raised in Australia”.

“Count him as tempered and the others original Sheffield steel”.

Derry, Johnny & Toni

Toni, Derry and Jonny

Johnathan & Toni

Toni and Jonathan

I sense, as is often the case, the risk of a major detour in the conversation so I wrestle the focus back to the lead into Rio, “What’s Jess been working on today?”


“Long hurdles. The second half of the race. It went really well. Again, focusing on what we learnt at Ratingen, applying it, reviewing together. I’m happy.

After that we moved to do some weights work”.

“I know, I’ve looked at the film. That’s heavy”.

“If anyone knows their colour coded weights they’ll be able to work it out”.

“I think a fair number of people won’t know what the colours mean”.

“Good point. She’s stepping 160kg . Which is three times bodyweight”.

“Is that normal?!”

“You’ve got to stay strong during the season”.

“I’ll say”.

I make my excuses and hang up before Toni gets an idea. It was bad enough falling ridiculously short at shot put without Toni coming up with the challenge of me lifting three times my bodyweight. Or even three times Jess’ bodyweight. Enough humiliation for one week.