Journal Timeline


I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself

This weeks’ post was going to include a range of topics as diverse as Californian athletes, photocopiers and cheap hotel rooms. Then on Thursday Mark [...]


It’s Not Cricket

After the memories, the interviews and the kind words, the night that closes in on Jess’ career gives way to a new, slightly colder dawn. [...]


Goodbye & Thanks For All The Medals

Although I knew it was coming there’s still a slight judder of shock when I read Jess’ announcement of her retirement. I guess I still [...]


Toni’s Angels

I hinted last week that things were getting back to the way they were. Seems I was right. This is what happens when Toni answers [...]


Role Model? Me?

Toni Gets His Own Medal It’s been two and half days at University this week for Toni. The rest of the time has been looking [...]


Publish & Be Damned

After weeks and weeks of design time, proofreading and double-checking we're finally at the point of being able to send the book of the blog [...]