Journal Timeline


Et TUE Toni?

First it was PED’s. Now it’s TUE’s. Need a quick catch up lesson? Here goes: Following the scandal around Russia’s ‘state sponsored’ Performance Enhancing Drugs [...]


Coaching 101: Back to School

I’ll level with you. I dislike this time of year. I know lots of people who relish the onset of Autumn with the prospect of [...]


Coaching Creativity

Wet and Windy Toni’s been getting back on it this week. In the UK the Olympics and other summer sports are rapidly sliding off the [...]


Yawn, Stretch, Begin Again

Toni and I met up this week for the first time since Rio. Although generally in good spirits there’s no doubt that the last few [...]


They’re Back!

Four days ago Toni and Jess were in Rio being feted for their achievements, driven around by chauffeurs, hanging out with Sir Brad and quaffing [...]



It’s done. After a breathtaking 800 metres Jess secured second place on the podium but ceded her Olympic title to the 21 year old Nafi [...]