Journal Timeline


Rio Olympics 2016. The Heptathlon

Day one done, even though it stretched over two days and caused serious sore necks for people across the UK who eventually fell asleep on [...]


Toured, Bored and Ready

We Got This I caught up with Toni on the eve of the event and thanks to a time difference of four hours am writing [...]


One More (Restless) Sleep!

You Talkin’ To Me? The waiting is nearly over. I’m sitting writing this blog bleary eyed as I’ve already had one night of troubled sleep [...]


The Competition: Part Two

Yesterday Toni started to give his views on the likely contenders for the Heptathlon, clearly contradicting the notion that it’s a two horse race between [...]


Chow Downs and Competition

Jess Chows Down Whilst all the other activity goes on around them, Toni, Jess and the team are still in time killing mode. This, as [...]


A Slice Of The UK In Rio

  How Very British (spot Jess on a deck chair) Now the team has a day of Rio time under their collective belt I ask [...]