Journal Timeline


Throw, Run, Lift

Despite the presence of a few clouds in the sky, the temperature remains in excess of 30 degrees Celsius. Andy and Bricey have resolved to [...]


It’s Getting Hot in Here

Time to Go The day starts with a minor adventure. After a relatively leisurely breakfast everyone tumbles out of the hotel and into the minibus. [...]


It’s A Team Thing

Walking into the hotel I have a split second hesitation. Is this the right hotel? Could there be another hotel with the same name in [...]


Flying Solo

It's my turn to travel today. It provides the opportunity to reflect on the last few months following Toni. Both our partners have commented that [...]


We’ve Arrived, And To Prove it, We’re Here

I am a fan of packing light when travelling, so the mere sight of the photos of Toni and the team unloading at the airport [...]


The First Leg of the Last Leg

It’s going to be short post today. Today is the day Toni, Jess and the team fly to the holding camp so my conversation with [...]