I am a fan of packing light when travelling, so the mere sight of the photos of Toni and the team unloading at the airport brings me out in a cold sweat.

Derry with all the bags

I’m Sure I’ve Forgotten Something…

I guess you need quite a lot of kit if you’re attempting to retain Olympic Gold and are also going to be away from home for several weeks. It still makes me queasy…

When I talked to Toni for the first time today he was still feeling slightly jaded from the previous day’s travelling,

“We’re all taking it fairly easy today. We’re recharging before going to discover the track and facilities”.

“So there’s not much to report on so far?”

“Other than I’ve forgotten my razor”.

“From the photos I thought you were going for a new look. What’s the hotel like?”

“It’s nice.”

“Can you give us a video tour?”

“Of my room if you want. Anything else might give away the location”.

“Go for it”

Toni in His Room at..Hogwarts

When we speak later Toni is sounding much more sprightly. Everyone has just returned from a visit to the training facility and I’m keen to learn what it’s like,

“Very nice, very hot and best of all very quiet. Everything we need from the weights room to the track”.

“Did you get a tour?”

Toni selfie

Alison and Derry Enjoy the Shade Whilst Toni Takes a Sweaty Selfie

“Yes, from a very nice lady called Mirella who used to sprint and now plays basketball. She also has a Sports Science degree”.

Toni & Jess in transit

On the Way Back From the Track

“I’m glad you’re connecting with the locals. Now you’re back, what has the rest of the day got in store?”

“As little as possible. Rest, read and then tomorrow we’ll get on it,” Toni pauses, “Hang on a minute. I better check my steps. 6,994. That’s 79 percent of my daily target”.

Toni starts to pace noisily around the room, “I’m walking to the door and back to go past 7,000”. He stops to check his Garmin. “Done it. And it’s only mid afternoon”.

“We can train together tomorrow when I turn up”.

Toni doesn’t just chuckle, he actually laughs out loud. I’m a little put out, “What?!”

“Not a chance”.

“You need to prepare for a whirlwind of media engagements in the Autumn. You’ll need to be fit”.

“I’ll start after Rio”.

“I’m still bringing my kit”.

“I’m still not training”.

Toni watching Peppa Pig

Remember We Asked For Box Set Advice? Here’s Toni’s Choice

“I’ll text you when I arrive tomorrow”.

“OK. See you then”.

Now I just need to work out how to find platform 9 and 3/4.


Bonus Feature!

Toni and Derry Do Wayne’s World