Toni and Jess YMCA

There is a time for everything. A time to workout, a time to rest and a time to dance.

Today Toni has decided to extend the concept of multi events into a whole other world. Maybe it’s the pressure of the Olympics being just a few weeks away, maybe it’s the excessive walking demanded by his new Garmin or maybe it’s just that he can’t resist a good tune.

As Jess takes on the challenge of matching my excellence in the Shot Put (as if) Toni starts to throw some shapes. Make sure you have the sound turned up full the full effect.

YMCA Toni-Style

Perhaps the Village People should reform and put an athletics coach between the Native American Chieftan and the construction worker.

When I speak to Toni I have my mum with me in the car.  It’s her seventieth birthday so we’re out for lunch. My first task is this,

“Keep your potty mouth clean or I’ll get a clip round the ear”.

Toni laughs. I can’t resist but mention the film as I have a sneaking suspicion the real reason for his disco moves is excitement at the imminent media flurry he’s about to enter into.

“Possibly… The documentary gets aired tomorrow and I’m doing quite a bit of media”.


“Including Radio Five Live tonight at eight thirty”.

“What’s that for?”

“It’s a panel discussion about athletics”.

“Make sure you mention the blog!”

“I will. Whatever the question it’ll be, as you may have read on Coach to Rio dot com”.

“Good man. I’ll be listening”.

‘Jessica Ennis Hill: A Coaches Story’ screens on BBC One for the first time tomorrow afternoon.

In case you missed it a documentary, ‘Jessica Ennis Hill: A Coaches Story’ screens on BBC One for the first time tomorrow afternoon. I will, of course, be writing a review but please check it out. We’d like to hear you thoughts too.

In other news we have a winner of the caption competition that was sent to all subscribers to the blog (big hint) to win a signed t-shirt. Congratulations to Lorna for her wit and insight:

Jess and John - Caption

A t-shirt will be on its way to you shortly.

I ask Toni to remind me what’s happening over the weekend”

“Karla and Nikita are competing at LEAP tomorrow”.

“Wish them well”.

“I will”.

“Speak to you later”.

“Will do. Happy Birthday Mrs. Mountford”.

Yes. Happy Birthday mum.